• Permitted capacity of 100 tonnes per day; maximum operating capacity 150 tonnes per day
  • Fully integrated processing facility, with in house, metallurgical and chemical labs, desorption and smelting facilities
  • In proximity to high concentration of small scale miners for mill feed
  • 42 acres of land providing ample room for plant expansion
  • Located in a highly concentrated, high-grade, small-scale mining district
2015 Operations

INCA ONE GOLD CORP.'s wholly owned Peruvian subsidiary, CHALA ONE S.A, purchased a mineral processing facility ("Chala One") located in Chala, Peru in 2013.

Chala One commenced commercial production on February 1, 2015 after successfully upgrading the Chala One plant processing capacity to 100 tonnes per day. The Chala One Plant now constitutes a full-service milling facility, with weighing, sampling and metallurgical test facilities on site, along with crushing, grinding and carbon-leaching circuits, full material handling, desorption, smelting and tailings disposal facilities. The Company purchases gold-bearing material at discount to spot prices from legal small-scale miners after careful and systematic testing. Mineral is either stockpiled or processed to produces loaded carbon which is desorbed and smelted on site to produce its own gold dore.

Inca One Gold Corp. has entered into multi-delivery letter of agreement (LOA) with several legal small-scale miners. The Company's target is to have 50 percent of its mill feed under LOAs, with the remaining 50 percent of its mill feed coming from spot purchases in the market.

In Q3 2017, after completing its environmental and operating studies Chala One became a fully government permitted processing facility. With the successful completing of the permitting process, Inca One became the first publicly listed gold processing company to complete its permitting under Peru’s formalization legislation. Under Peruvian law, artisanal miners must send their ore to licensed processing facilities.

The Chala Plant purchase was a strategic acquisition that will further the expansion of the Company's Peruvian operations. Acquiring the mineral processing facility has saved the Company significant capital, time and resources by reducing the construction and permitting process associated with building a new mineral processing plant.

The recent legislation requiring small millers to apply for commercial permits is beginning to create high demand for formalized milling operations similar to the Chala One Plant. The Chala district is a highly concentrated, high-grade small-scale mining district and we believe that it is imperative to secure a strong foothold in the region to ensure our business continues to expand as intended.